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Shop now for your favorite novelty herbal kitchen accessories to use for your next herbal infusion party! Innovative and practical items like the Ultra Infuser, an all-in-one decarboxylator and herbal infuser. This device simplifies the process of creating infused oils and butters, making it effortless for both beginners and experienced cooks to craft their favorite culinary delights!

We also offer a few other unique kitchen accessories like our 3-piece cannabis leaf cookie cutter set, adding a playful touch to baking and entertaining. These cute stainless steel cookie cutters enable users to create cannabis-themed cookies, fruit arrangements, leaf sandwiches and more, that are sure to spark conversations and laughter at gatherings!

The most recent addition of the 2-piece candy mold with 24 fun 420-themed cavities opens up exciting possibilities for crafting infused gummies, chocolates, novelty soaps, and more. This versatility allows customers to explore their creativity in the kitchen and experiment with various infused treats, adding a fun and unique twist to their infused culinary adventures.

Need an extra butter mold? We got you covered with our high-quality silicone butter molds elevate your cooking game!

Overall, Hello High Cooks provides innovative and enjoyable tools for cannabis enthusiasts and food lovers! With more to come!!

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2pc silicone 420 candy chocolate molds


2pc Silicone Cannabis Candy Molds 24/pcs
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3pc Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter Set


3pc 420 Leaf Cookie Cutter Set
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Sale! An innovative and versatile Hello High 4-piece silicone spatula set with basting brush. The set includes various spatula shapes for all your kitchen needs, made from high-quality silicone. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, and the basting brush adds a convenient touch for glazing and spreading. Perfect for cooking enthusiasts seeking durable and stylish kitchen tools


4pc Silicone Kitchen Spatula Set
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Hello High Silicone Standard Size Butter Mold.


Butter Mold

CBD: 40%

THC: 70%

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Sale! An innovative Hello High Ultra Infuser spatula bundle, featuring a sleek design for effortless butter and oil herb infusion. The set includes a precision spatula for easy handling and precise measurement. Elevate your herbal infusion experience with this stylish and functional infuser set.


Ultra Infuser

CBD: 65%

THC: 40%

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Sale! Hello High herbal butter infuser Ultra Infuser Bundle with cookie cutters and silicone candy mold for edible baking


Ultra Infuser Bundle
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